A little motivation

My Top ten favorite (anime)motivational posters!


Honey & Bunbun-chan



Isn’t Honey-sempai the cutest!XD! I think that its was about time I named my favorite boy on Ouran high school host club. Every one had a special place in my heart. Mori was so refreshing. Tamaki of course was a goof but a hot one. The twins story was sad and the insinuation of incest was candy to my fangirl heart. Kyouya was so cool! but Honey-sempai takes the cake (literally)XD. Oh but lets not forget bunbunchan. throughout the series I’ve seen him take more abuse than any stuffed animal and for that I think that’s one rabbit that deserves a vacation!

What do you think?

Sayanara Ouran Cowboy

Kiss x Sis Tv


Yo what’s up Ecchi Baby, have I got a show for you! The summer season is move’n in quick and the heat is bring in toasty babe love. If you haven’t heard of this breakout series than you should slap yourself in the face and get to a computer, wait…YOU ALL READY ARE! Don’t go now you got to know what I’m talking about before ya go rush’en off. I’M TALKING ABOUT, TWO TWINS ONE BIG BROTHER AND A MAJOR PROBLEM! It seems like opertunity never knocks on the door and say “hey you want a red corvete?”  but for Keita Suminoe lady luck is cumming chocolate sauce all over his face. kiss_x_sis_00012Ako and Riko are the hottest highschoolers to date and every boy in their school pines for them but to bad because their taken. By their younger brother! Yes the two girls have an unnatural attachment to Keita which leaves him sometimes annoyed but other times aroused 😉 .


The two sister often compete for keita’s affections and their father only fans the flames of rivalry by pointing out who will keita eventually marry. Kieta also has the love of a few girls at school.Well you might ask “Waiter, how can you like this show? its smutty and weird and your a girl what could you possibly see in this show.” Well you obviously never met me I LOVE SMUTTY WEIRD STUFF! When it comes to stuff like that I am queen! The show is a riot of sexual humor and characters that are a bit off by a few degrees. It calls to my smutty fanfiction heart. And you really really can’t miss this action. 



Uhm... yeah...

To tell ya the truth I actually admire Keita. His self control is out of this world. Ever day he must come home to practical jail bait, deal with his dad’s perverted behavior, deal with his classmates,and still find time to fail math and for that I salute him.


Ok you can go now and don’t trip on your tongue XD

Sayanara Space (Hentai)Cowboy

Soul eater Tv


Episode 1


Well since this is my first day as manger of this website I might as well tell you, no I should tell you about all the new animes I’ve come across. One in particular is the hit series Soul Eater.

A sound soul dwells within

A sound mind

And a sound body

This is the incantation the main character Maka says at the beginning of every episode.


In Soul Eater, Meister Maka Albarn and her weapon partner Soul eater


 are students at the Death Weapon Academy Of for short DWMA. Maka and Soul’s goal is to recover 99 evil soul and one witch soul which will turn Soul into a death scythe. This is also true for the many other students who go to the DWMA, Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki 


 and Death the kid with his twin weapon partners Liz and Patty 


 The school is run by Death or Shinigami-sama who is as weird as he is mysterious

The show is filled with references to other non-anime story book character that act like a mirror to the characters in Soul eater such as Franken stien is to the manic but powerful Dr. Stien

Dr__Stein_by_kresnik02.jpg Stein image by lolsinewave



Or the witch Medusa

Or the ever annoying Excalibur

With such colorful characters, kickass weaponry, and lovely fan service from Blair the cat

How can I not give this series an A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apples in a sleep deprived light

Cake spills through my brain

Going 200 miles a


76% chance that justice will


When I close my


I see

Apples in a sleep deprived light


Their deceit is a cyst on innocence’s face

Filthy pus leaking through justice’s veil

     I am the cure

  I am the holy light



An Apple gleams inside of lights pocket

My lanky eyes burns with lust

Will he find what he is looking for?

I don’t care

As long as the beast of boredom is eased

Yo whats up world

I’m not to good at beginning that’s probably why I’m a lousy writer. I guess I can start with my Username, the laziwaiter. Well everyone I have ever met has had conflicted emotions about my personality. At first they see me as a hard worker and someone the can depend on or look up to but as they get to know me they start to see me as this careless bum who’s every accomplishment must be pure luck. Maybe it true, Maybe it’s not. And so I wait until I can see myself as either a hard worker of a lazi waiter. If you read the posts to come you will maybe find out a little more. Well I have a confession to make. I am an Otaku. Yes it is true. I am a female otaku (a rare breed). I love anime, manga, yaoi, and I occasionally peek at yuri. I collect yugi-oh cards like hidden texts from the bible and I keep the spirit of ramen inside of my heart and it fuels me to write and interact with the world. I love giant gundams! My mom thinks of my obsessions as the equivalent of me saying I am a lesbian, but she is tolerant. I have, like everyone, a dysfunctional family. My school life comes of as fun, stupid, hard, and lonely. Lies and betrayal are the cornerstone of the Greco Middle School society. And the food can only be seen as a cruel entertainment like a man being thrown into a lion’s pit. I am also a sucker for sitcoms and comedy shows like The Nanny and Three’s Company. I sleep, and eat and watch spongebob like any normal human being and I don’t expect to be anything great but I’m going to live my life the best way I know how.

Sayonara space cowboy